Confronting Authority: Reflections of an Ardent Protester Derrick A. Bell

ISBN: 9780807009277

Published: July 20th 1997


208 pages


Confronting Authority: Reflections of an Ardent Protester  by  Derrick A. Bell

Confronting Authority: Reflections of an Ardent Protester by Derrick A. Bell
July 20th 1997 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 208 pages | ISBN: 9780807009277 | 9.68 Mb

I feel blessed and slighted at the same time.Only a few weeks before Professor Bells death, I arrived at NYU Law school, full of ambition and drive, eager to seek out the man who I knew, just knew, would help play a defining role in my legal education and in turn my professional life.I tracked down his office, his assistant and then finally the only classroom in which he lectured, having learned that great illness had taken most of his energy, but not his drive to teach. I waited patiently outside of this classroom one evening and craned my neck towards the door as students shuffled out.As the flood of backpacks ebbed, I was surprised to see an elderly man pushed out of the room in a wheelchair.

I fumbled through and introduction and, recognizing that he was trying to get moving, asked if I could accompany him for a few minutes to let him know why I was here.I told Professor Bell about my brothers ambition, his drive, his critical eye and his passion for Bells writings. I told him how it was through my brother that I was exposed to Bell and how after reading through his works I felt comfortable with having a true reason behind my (previously arbitrary) selection of NYU Law as my first choice school.Prof.

Bell listened patiently, looking up as much as he could and eased my ramblings by noting that if I had indeed come looking for him, then I made the right choice in not going to one of those Ivys for they werent selling what I was looking for.I returned to my room that evening elated to have met the man who I hoped to guide my education, and devastated to recognize that he seemed to be teaching on borrowed time.

From the covers of Prof. Bells books I knew him as a hearty gentleman, I assumed him to have a deep and booming voice and a head that he held high. While its undeniable that Prof. Bells writings aim to challenge, he himself challenged me that day to understand that the influential, powerful and brilliant are not necessarily the strong, the fit and the healthy.More importantly, through his writings, through my brother, and now, through what is the formation of his legacy, Professor Bell is challenging me to challenge myself in carving the way through this world with a path of meaning and worth.

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