Masquerade Crymysn Hart

ISBN: 9780980244700

Published: December 1st 2007



Masquerade  by  Crymysn Hart

Masquerade by Crymysn Hart
December 1st 2007 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: 9780980244700 | 4.58 Mb

Brenna has existed in the shadows for years predicting the outcome of human lives. Keeping this closeness gives her some semblance of life. Darkness and cold have been her constant companions. The hunt and the sweet aroma of copper underneath human flesh are the only things that motivate her now. Veronica has been running from her ex forever. Her eyes are always poised over her shoulder, searching the shadows for Devon, the demon who drives her onward.

He is obsessed, trying to reclaim her as his property. The continuous pursuit drives her to New Orleans where she collides with the one creature who changes her life forever. Something deep within Brenna awakens and reaches out to Veronica to ease her suffering. For this frail creature, Brenna is willing to sacrifice everything and reveal the one secret she has kept hidden from the world.

To save the woman she cherishes, Brenna risks her very existence and faces creatures hiding in the darkness she never knew existed. Will Brenna and Veronica survive their ordeal? Or will Devon claim them both?

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