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Published: February 9th 2012



Secrets To Your Top Recovery  by  Morris E. Fischer

Secrets To Your Top Recovery by Morris E. Fischer
February 9th 2012 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: | 3.80 Mb

Learn how to maximize the Attorney-Client relationship to give your employment law case the best chance of success!Many of us have experienced unfair or hostile treatment in the work place. Lets face it, the employment world is generally not democratic and can be brutal. Sometimes matters can only be resolved in a court of law. You will be fighting for your rights and asking the court to award you, in many cases, your job back, lost earnings, compensatory damages, and attorney fees.

Lawsuits are new experiences for most people and can bring with them a certain anxiety that is only natural. You need to be prepared. Secrets To Your Top Recovery can give you the answers you need to help win your case.“Over the course of my fifteen plus years of admitted practice, Ive noticed a pattern of which cases were the most successful.

One of the most striking and undeniable conclusions I found was that. If a client knew what I knew at the beginning of the case, that client and I would have a distinct and clear advantage.” ~Morris E. Fischer, Esq.Clients will pay hundreds of dollars an hour, translating to several thousand dollars in consultations with their attorneys to learn the priceless information contained in this book.

I have literally seen the same kinds of cases achieve different results, based upon a clients ability and willingness to follow and implement these strategies. Think of it this way, the difference between a large settlement and verdict and a small one sometimes is very thin and can rest on one or two of the principles contained in this guide. To help improve your chances of a large settlement or verdict, order this bookWritten in an easy, readable, and user-friendly form, this book breaks down the complicated legal process to simple components that anyone can understand and covers all major aspects of litigation including:•Understanding the Legal Elements•Responding to Defendant’s Discovery•Successful Performance at Deposition•Understanding Settlement Value•Effective Communication with your Lawyer•What Happens at Trial•Achieving Maximum Recovery at MediationHaving a fundamental understanding of your case can be a leading factor for success, and can save you money in the process.

Secrets To Your Top Recovery provides you with priceless information about the best possible ways in which you can help your attorney at the different stages of litigation to achieve the best possible result.About the AuthorMorris E. Fischer concentrates his practice in employment and business law.

Admitted to the bar for over fifteen years, Mr. Fischer possesses a wealth of unique and diversified experience. Early in his legal training, Mr. Fischer had the opportunity to clerk for New York State Supreme Court Justice Kenneth D. Molloy, where he obtained a birds eye view of the legal system which has enriched his practice to this very day. Following that experience, he litigated hundreds of civil cases during his five years of New York practice, culminating in working for the President of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association.

Possessing both a legal degree from the Jacob D. Fuchsberg School of Law in Long Island, New York and an accounting degree from Yeshiva University, Sy Syms School of Business. Mr. Fischer has used his education to focus on the clients true needs while providing tough, aggressive and vigorous representation.Passion, concern for the client and battling Goliaths are the kinds of qualities that Mr. Fischer utilizes on a daily basis to fight and achieve justice for his clients.

Tough, aggressive and vigorous litigation are the techniques he lives by to achieve results in a timely fashion.

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